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02 January 2011 @ 05:54 pm
Prism Princesses

A livejournal fan community dedicated to Korean group Rainbow.

posted with the permission of wad
10 January 2010 @ 08:53 pm
haru ^^.. ive been checking again some of my SS501 goodies and i decided to take some pics and enhanced em so i can post and share ^^
if you want to repost/ reuse please give proper credits.

[ click here to view larger version and download links ]

SS501 photobook pics
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YS is my favorite amongs SS501 hihii..
so let me just share this photo set taken from their recording @ Star Golden Bell.
SS501 Star Golden Bell

SS501 Star Golden Bell
i love him smirking ^_____^


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I am just sharing all the recent uploads on YT by my favorite sources...

SS501 Chocolate Show (not aired) by mydeko [ click ]

SS501 Chocolate Show (ENGSUBBED) by iBreatheLifeMusic [ click ]

Young Saeng Cut Champagne Show by shirbogurl [ click ]

SS501 Quiz! Sixth Sense Show by shirbogurl [ click ]

SS501 Sukira Kiss Radio by shirbogurl [ click ]

[ details ]

last but not the least.... :)

SS501 Champagne Aegyo


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Heya Triple S and Green Peas! Here are some updates on our boys' events...

* SS501 featured in ASTA Magazine - boys wearing the Tattoo Skintone Bodyfits which was designed by Han Sang Hyuk (creative director of MVIO).

* Shirley got a lot of fancams on her channel from the shows and recordings so go an visit [shirbogurl@youtube]. You can also visit marvie0701 and SuperTing18's channels for Champagne and Sukira recordings

* Shinee got again the title for this week in Music Bank. Our boys did not perform by the way. It was a close fight : 11525 vs 11493 (SS501). 32 votes!!!! I don't know what to think now but I am not liking the way this Music bodies are conducting the ratings... why do they have to put a higher mark on digital downloads rather than album sales?... o well.. may be am just saying this because SS501 lost to Shinee again.. or may be Shinee really deserves to win... i really don't know I am just depressed... but... but! I have faith with the boys... they will surely get some! or most in the future! :) SS501 fighting!

* SS501 will not attend Inkigayo this Sunday as well. This was already announced by SBS. DSP already made a statement about this but it is in Korean and I am not sure what the exac translation is but using Google Translate, it seems that DSP is apologizing and will just explain the reason in the future.

Miss Lizzie (liezle@blogspot)
vi+olet (olet.mireene.com)
30 April 2009 @ 02:54 pm

Got your attention? ;)

I want to address the fact not many people post in this community. To improve activity here I have put together a list of links of where you can find information regarding SS501 and then post it over at this comm. Both me and wad encourage posting here, don't be afraid because we wont eat you! Don't be afraid to double post something either it will be taken care off without any wank. Also it is okay to spam or hold discussions in posts as long as you keep it clean (no flaming etc)

list of sourcesCollapse )

I can't stress it enough that this comm needs it's members to keep the place alive. Me and wad can't cover everything. We really hope this post will encourage more members to start posting and also commenting! We have over 2500 members but not many people comment. It's okay folks you can come out of hiding now and spasm over our lovely boys ♥
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30 April 2009 @ 12:52 pm
As some of you might have noticed the userinfo has been changed. Instead of adding profiles there me and wad decided to make a massive pimp post so new members ( and old) can get to know the members better. This post has member profiles, downloads, videos, pictures etc so we hope it is helpful! Also you will always be able to find this post linked on the userinfo or through the !pimppost tag

massive pimp post - take a look!Collapse )
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21 February 2006 @ 12:46 am
added even more >333

tidying is the same as losing thingsCollapse )

all credits SS501couple
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24 August 2005 @ 06:42 pm
hey everybody.......i'm pammie........
SS501 is kewl-ies......=)
my first song i ever heard by them was "warning".......and i fell in love........
i hope to meet alot of friends here.......=)
show me some love peoplez..........
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