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더블에스 501


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Welcome to the SS501 community

This community is dedicated to the lovely Korean pop group SS501. The community is meant to share the love of SS501 and anything else will not be tolerated.

At this community we share downloads, videos, pictures, news, translations, questions and requests. Anything that is SS related you can post here and we strongly encourage our members to contribute to this community ♥ (don't know where to go? Find a list of sources HERE But before you do please read the rules below:

001 First of all this is a community where we come together for the love of SS501. Hate is not tolerated, neither is bashing of the members or causing any drama. So please refrain from doing so.

002 Please post large images and multiple videos behind an lj-cut.

003 Font sizes and/or colors should be left at the default setting.

004 When you post leave your comments open. It doesn't matter what you post; do not disable the comments.

005 Always credit your sources. People put effort in uploading and translating so when you take something credit. Also don't take articles, translations etc out of the community without crediting the original sources!

006 TAG YOUR POSTS. For more information please go HERE.

007 You need permission from one of the mods before advertising or promoting a website, forum, community, event, project or whatever else you want to bring to our members attention. Keep in mind whatever you are advertising has to have something to do with SS501.

008 Do not include something like "mods please delete if not allowed" in your post as this shows that you have not read the rules. If you have any questions contact one of the mods BEFORE posting.

009 If you want to post fanfiction or graphics please go to gyonggo for fiction and ssmadness for graphics.

If you have any questions/concerns/problems considering the community please contact either bulgocrazyi or wad

The group

SS501 (pronounced as Double-S 501) is a South Korean boyband under management of Daesung Entertainment, also known as DSP Entertainment. SS501 stands for Superstar and unison of its 5 members until eternity (symbolized by the 0) as 1. SS501 debuted in 2005 with their first single "경고" ("Warning"), with a second single "Snow Prince" released in late 2005. The band has released considerably amount of singles, albums and digital singles including Japanese material.

For more information about the band's history along with member profiles, images and videos for a proper introduction that will let you get to know the members please go HERE

Affiliates and credits

gyonggo: Here you can find (and post) fanfiction and fanart.
ssmadness: Here you can find (and post) your graphics
mirrorprince_ys: Youngsaeng lovers come and unite here ♥
hydkorea drama featuring Kim Hyunjoong.

Official website
Quainte: SS501 Forum
Kim Hyunjoong Forum
Official soompi thread

astarone: A'st1's official comm on lj
superstarsubs: Fansubs videos including SS501
omonatheydidnt: Your daily source for everything Korean
rainsclouds: Community dedicated to Bi(Rain)
cube_b2st: Beast/B2ST community
prismprincesses: Rainbow community

profile codes

If you want to become affiliates with us please contact one of the mods ♥